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The Secret to a Happy and Successful Work-Life

I’ve recently picked up The Good Life: Lessons from the World’s Longest Scientific Study of Happiness by Robert Waldinger, M.D. and Marc Schulz Ph.D. The book offers insights into Harvard findings in over eighty years of data. Waldinger and Schulz reveal the resounding truth that relationships are the key to a happy life. Relationships are proven to impact our immune system, stress, depression, cardiovascular disease, longevity, and overall physical and mental health.

This book has caused me to think about relationships beyond our inner circle. In my burnout research it became evident that community, specifically coworkers and leaders, have a profound impact on our wellbeing at work. They can impact our engagement and motivation, thus impacting our performance. They can elevate us or tear us down. They can offer support or leave us stranded.

This past weekend I was honored to join an author panel at a women’s empowerment conference. I spoke about the importance of community in burnout recovery and prevention, to a room full of open hearts, open minds, and helping hands. These women were building a village; prepared to receive support and happy to offer it. I heard an abundance of compliments, affirmations, and appreciations floating around the room for two whole days. It was refreshing.

These are the rooms we all need to be in. Imagine how far you can go when you have support, cheerleaders, champions, connectors, and mentors in your network. If you don’t know where to start building your professional community, look for conferences, events, and professional network groups in your area. This may be one of the best investments you can make.


Courtney Murphy is a Career Coach and HR Consultant who brings nearly 20 years’ experience in corporate HR with degrees in Strategic HR Management, Psychology, and Diversity and Inclusion. 

With a passion for social and organizational psychology, Courtney has extensively studied occupational stress to discover effective and sustainable methods to improve engagement and motivate performance.

Courtney simplifies relevant data and useful information to help employees and companies thrive in their success.


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