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“A wake-up call to the dire health consequences of burnout, this book sheds light on the physical and mental toll corporate pressures can have, with empowering and actionable strategies to recognize, overcome and triumph over corporate burnout.”

Dr. Derek Lawrence


"Courtney Murphy has penned a well-researched, comprehensive, honest, and engaging resource for one of the most pervasive health threats of our time.  Everything you need to identify the symptoms of burnout and steer your life back to well-being, personal fulfillment, and peak performance is in this book.  There's even a Game of Thrones reference.  Highly recommend."

Author Dave Mitchell



Occupational stress can be motivating, if we feel supported and fulfilled by our accomplishments. When stress is the result of key environmental elements, it can quickly become a chronic problem.

Burnout is a human response to unhealthy workplace culture, most commonly associated with overwork, loss of agency, insufficient recognition and rewards, inequity, and values misalignment.

In her insightful book, Life After Burnout, author Courtney Murphy empowers you to go from burnout to thriving in a transformational three-step process to Reclaim, Recover, and Renew.

Life After Burnout guides readers on how to reclaim control at work, find job-alignment, set boundaries, heal symptoms of burnout, and turn high-achievement work skills into high-achievement life skills.

This book is for anyone experiencing burnout or pre-burnout and the managers, HR, company leaders, spouses, friends, and families of humans who have limits.

Courtney Murphy brings the insight of corporate HR, a background in psychology, and the perspective of having experienced significant burnout herself to synthesize relevant data and useful information in an easy-to-apply method to recover from job-stress and reclaim wellbeing.

You deserve to thrive. You deserve to Reclaim your environment, Recover your health and wellness, and Renew your life.


Reclaim the environment that is contributing to burnout

Learn to reduce workload, regain agency, advocate for appropriate recognition, rewards, and fairness, and determine values alignment


Recover health and wellness with methods to promote physiological and psychological healing

Refine habits and learn self-prioritization


Renew life with self-awareness, uncovering Soul-Goals and cultivating an authentic lifestyle with Alignment Mapping

Are you ready to replace job-stress with work life fulfillment? 

Take this powerful assessment to unlock secrets to your stress and discover ways to Reclaim, Recover, and Renew fulfillment in your success. 


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