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Helping People Thrive in Work & Life Success

Career Coaching Services

WorkWell People Solutions helps individuals thrive in their success. 

Together we will work toward job-alignment and work-life fulfillment with a 3-step process to reclaim the environment, recover health and wellness, and renew a sense of fulfillment in work and life.

Work Life Fulfillment: feeling a sense of purpose and satisfaction in the act of accomplishing personal and professional priorities.

Services include:

  • One-Time Coaching
  • Coaching Packages
  • Work-Life Fulfillment Membership Program
Book a Free Discovery Call to Learn More Purchase a One Time Session ($250, 50 mins) Purchase a 3 Session Pack ($225, 50 mins/ea) Purchase a 6 Session Pack ($200, 50 mins/ea)

"Because of lack of confidence/understanding, I always had trouble with expressing my needs and asking for what I deserve. With WorkWell People Solutions, I learned better techniques for finding success in the workplace and having hard conversations with upper management, and it's improved my life immensely! I now know how to better advocate for myself, as well as understand my worth, value my time, and be more professionally fulfilled."


Employee Advocacy Services

WorkWell People Solutions helps individuals resolve complex employment situations that benefit from knowledge and experience of corporate HR practices and employment regulations. 

WorkWell helps employees understand their rights and determine an appropriate path forward. 

Book a Free Discovery Call to Learn More Purchase a One Time Session (50 mins)

""After starting my career in an entry level role, and growing with the company over 10+ years, I felt that my salary was no longer reflective of my increased skillset and responsibilities. With WorkWell People Solutions, I learned how to effectively renegotiate my salary. I was able to increase my compensation by 25%! I would recommend Courtney to anyone looking for career consulting. "

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