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The Startling $ Cost of Burnout

burnout cost May 17, 2023

We all know there is an emotional, mental, and physical cost of burnout. From diminished health to damaged relationships, even the impact on children in homes with a burned-out parent. There is a social and personal cost to burnout that can only be measured as priceless.  

However, we can also acknowledge that there is a very real financial cost to burnout. The World Health Organization estimates annual drop in productivity due to burnout costs the global workforce approximately $1 trillion. Further, the American Psychological Association calculates approximately 550 million workdays annually are missed due to stress. That’s over three days per employee.  

Of course, this will vary by person and company, but here are some interesting estimates to ponder. 

$3,100+  =  Individual Estimate, assuming ~6 month recovery:

$0.00....... = Therapist: 16 free sessions through company EAP

$600........ = Neurologist for migraine management: 1x


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