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What To Do When Feeling Burnout

Burnout is characterized by three key components:

  • Exhaustion
  • Cynicism regarding work
  • Loss of professional efficacy (a sense that you can perform your job well)

... but we all know there are many other manifestations of burnout. Irritability, brain fog, poor sleep, and anxiety (inability to sit still / anxiousness) are all very common signs of chronic stress and burnout.

If you are feeling any of these signs, or recognize your own unique manifestation of stress, try these steps to halt the feeling of burnout.

      1.     Stop the stress response of your nervous system.

  • Take a moment to yourself to focus on your preferred method of decompression.
  • Think of activities that use the spike in cortisol to fight or run: exercise, tension practice, kickboxing, etc.
  • Also consider activities that indicate to your body that you are safe and secure: meditation, yoga, compression blanket, even a long hug with a loved one.

      2.   ...

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